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You probably don’t drive a custom car. But our different kind of insurance team can customize your car insurance.


It’s easy to buy an auto policy with coverage that complies with the state’s minimum requirements. And it’s easy to just tell an insurance agent to sign you up for full coverage without knowing what that means or entails.

But it’s not necessarily the mix of cost and coverage that’s best specifically for you.

Many factors affect how much you pay for your car insurance and how much it covers. That’s why our insurance team focuses on learning and analyzing all those factors to design the coverage with the best combination of cost and protection for your specific situation.

 For example, did you just get married? Did you move to a more crime-free neighborhood? Do you have a good credit rating? Any of those will lower your rate.

 Is there a teenager with a brand-new driver’s license in your family? If you add your teen only to the coverage for your oldest, cheapest car, your premium won’t go up as much. And if he or she maintains good grades and takes some drivers ed classes, you could earn some discounts.

Does someone in your family have a bad driving record? A separate policy for that someone might lower your total family cost.

How much coverage do you actually need? If your car’s old or has low resale value, you’ll save by not getting much comprehensive or collision coverage.

On the other hand, if you have a large asset base to protect from lawsuits, sticking with minimum liability limits to lower your premium is a false economy.

Does you car have anti-theft or advanced safety equipment? That could get you discounts.

What kind of cars do you own? High-performance cars cost more to insure. So do some cars with bigger engines or higher trim levels. Or with extensive use of advanced materials like carbon fiber or ultra-high-strength steel. Or with a history of high repair costs.

That’s why you need a different kind of insurance team. One which will analyze all the cost and coverage factors that apply specifically to you, and then mobilize a combination of cutting-edge technology and working relationships with almost two dozen top domestic carriers, brokers, and wholesalers that can access carriers in the open market that’s best for your needs and your budget.

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