Personal Insurance

Maybe you need personal insurance for your home, your car, your life, your high-worth assets.

Riffenburg Insurance Services A Division of Resolve Insurance Group offers personal insurance including llfe, auto, mortgage, high-worth asset protection, and home, condo, and renters coverage.

So do many others.

But what makes our team different is not what kinds of personal insurance we offer, but how we offer them.

We’ve built a different kind of team to design insurance planning that meets our customers’ different needs, whatever those needs may be.


It’s a team with over 80 years’ combined client service, carrier relationship, risk management and claims service experience.

A team that focuses on both learning and educating. Learning from you about your specific needs for today and your plans for the future. And educating you about insurance options that meet those needs today and help you achieve your goals for tomorrow.

A team that deploys advanced, cutting-edge technology to track your data changes, to let you view your entire existing insurance online and on demand, and to speed certificates and renewal processes.

And a team with working relationships with a no less than 22 top domestic carriers, London brokers, and wholesalers that can access carriers in the open market.

You’ll appreciate our different kind of insurance team’s focus on understanding your requirements and responsively fulfilling them.

Determined Customer Service

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