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Resolve Insurance came in and did a thorough review for my personal and business insurance exposures. The process was extensive and efficient, helping me determine areas of gaps in coverage. Not only did Resolve fix my issues, but they also helped me with my overall insurance program, all while saving me money.



As a small business owner, I went to see the Riffenburg group about benefit packages for my employees. Not only did they help me put together an affordable package, they took the time to find the right benefits that would work with a small business with the potential and flexibility of growth.


Business Owner

My husband and I went to Mike for advice about Medicare and supplement policies for my husband. He explained everything and made it seem simple. We also made a change in his policy which seemed effortless. He was so knowledgeable and helpful! I would refer anyone to him!



I was referred to Riffenburg from a friend who already uses them. The team helped me get select the right plan for me which was Medicare. The process was quick & painless which was a blessing since later that year, I fractured my hip which led to hospital stays, surgery and rehab. If it wasn’t for the employees getting me set up with Medicare and a supplement plan, it would of cost me thousands of dollars out-of-pocket in hospital bills.



Michael is the kindest, knowledgeable, and gifted to guide his clients and prospective clients into wise decisions for protection at the best investment for the client. Michael values all people. Michael thank you for your wisdom in assisting me in being protected for life’s events health, financially, and your kindness is an amazing gift!



About six months before I turned 65, I was receiving daily phone calls, a mailbox full of mail and bombarded by information through social media. I talked to several friends that had already gotten their Medicare and got conflicting information. Finally, one friend told me to go talk to Riffenburg Insurance and I am so thankful I did! They took the time to explain the different options to me so that I could finally understand. When I fell and fractured my hip a year later, I was more thankful than ever for their advice. I had a short hospital stay, a stint in rehab and continued physical therapy for 8 weeks. My Medicare and Supplement plan took care of all of my bills without a question! I think I owe my friend that told me about them lunch!



For several years after starting my own business, it was just me grinding out the work. As I started to grow at a rapid pace, I decided that I needed help! What I found out very quickly was that in order to attract the type of employee I wanted; I needed a benefits package that would help me be competitive in the market. I went to see Riffenburg Insurance and they helped me put together an affordable package that I used to attract the employees I needed. I appreciate the time they took for a small business like mine. They continue to help me find the right benefits for my employees as my small business grows and work to keep it affordable for me as the business owner.


Local Business Owner

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